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Glen Ellyn Healthcare Shoppes

Glen Ellyn Pharmacy – Healthcare Shoppes helps you take care of yourself. Our head pharmacist, Robert E. Listecki, conducts consultations and provides healthcare. We are compounding specialists that create special needs medicine for you. We can provide natural health alternatives, clinical services and medical equipment for a number of conditions. At our western Chicago suburban pharmacy, you will find wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and similar equipment.

For your convenience, you can have your purchases delivered via US postal service – priority mail. Our consultations are performed in-person by Dr. Listecki. Consultations are available by appointment and by phone for $45 at 15-30 minutes. We provide consults on general wellness, hormonal issues, food sensitivities, auto immune disease, autism, and more. You may pay by credit card.

Dr. Listecki and Glen Ellen Pharmacy are here to help you on the path toward overall well-being. Give us a call or stop on by today!

Country-Wide Health Savings

Hey America, here are some tips to save $500 billion in health care costs annually:

Get your Vitamin D level tested and dose to 40 to 60 ng/ml of 25 OH D in a blood test. Corrects some 200 health conditions (150 are autoimmune disorders). Monthly costs $3.00 to $8.00.

Balance your gut biome with high cell count Symbiotic Therapy (95% FOS and Florajen3) Average cost $29.38 monthly. Corrects only 101 health conditions.

Find out what foods and supplements might be causing sensitivities and therefore inflammation. Some Doctors believe 60% of all illness caused by food and environmental sensitivities. ALCAT blood test can tell and it is probably the diagnosis and prescription all in one. Test gives an elimination / rotation diet plan. Frequently the offending items are craved and highly sought after. Cost about $300.00 to $980.00 for 237 foods and 120 environmental items.

Visit this site for more information about the ALCAT blood test:


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